How to Open Your Automatic Garage Door Manually Without Power in Sunrise Manor, NV

When the power goes out, you realize how much you depend on it. To do the smallest tasks throughout our day, we rely on power. Without power, it might seem like it’s impossible to open your garage door. Don’t worry, it isn’t. Quality Garage Door Repair is here to walk you through opening your garage door when you don’t have any power.

Your Automatic Garage Door Opener has a Manual Release Connect

The first thing you need to do in a power outage situation, is locate the bypass that will disconnect your garage door from the automatic opener. It is usually a rope hanging down from your garage door opener. You should only pull on this rope if your garage door is in the shut position. Because it will disconnect it from the opener, you will find that your garage door could slam down causing damage to the door and become a safety risk. This bypass trigger will disconnect the garage door and put it in manual mode that will allow you to open and close it until power resumes.

Garage Doors Can Be Opened & Closed Without Power

If you are like most homeowners, you have gotten quite used to your automatic garage door opener. Even though this is convenient and you wouldn’t want to go without your automatic garage door opener for long, you can completely use your garage door while you are waiting for power to return to your home.

How to Re-Engage Automatic Garage Door Opener

Once power has resumed, you will surely be anxious to reconnect your garage door. Pull back the bypass trigger just like you did to disconnect it and pull up on the door until you hear it snap back into place. This can be done manually, or you can push the button on your automatic opener to get it in the right position. Once the spring attachment connects, you will be ready to use your garage door opener again.

Garage Door Safety

Even though the process of disconnecting your garage door from the automatic opener should be a simple task, you should remember that your garage door is an expensive, heavy piece of equipment. It takes a good deal of tension to operate your garage door safely and that should never be taken lightly. If at any time, you feel uncomfortable about the process of disconnecting from the opener, you should leave it alone. It is far better that you are inconvenienced with an unusable garage door for a short time that to put yourself in danger.

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If there is ever a power outage and a garage door emergency that you don’t feel comfortable tackling on your own, the garage door experts at Quality Garage Door Repair can help. We have the experience and expertise that will be able to help you get your garage door needs taken care of. We offer garage door emergency repairs as well as replacements and look forward to working with you on your garage door. Call us today!

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