Garage Door Only Closes When Holding Button in The Lakes, NV? Troubleshooting Common Problems

When your garage door suddenly stops opening for you when you need it to, you realize just how much you rely on your garage door opener. Sometimes the problem is simple and solvable without the help of a professional, but there are times you need help fixing the problem because it can be dangerous. Quality Garage Door Repair is here talk about some common problems you might face with your garage door opener and some troubleshooting that can be done to help solve the problem.

Loud Squeaky Garage Door

Garage door openers have several moving parts that all generate a certain amount of noise. However, if you notice that your garage door is all of a sudden louder than normal, there could be a problem. The problem usually lies with parts not getting the lubrication that they need. Using a spray lubricant on your garage door springs and hinges will likely fix the problem. Be sure that the lubricant is made specifically for garage doors. Lubricants like WD-40 will worsen the problem.

Garage Door Won’t Open When Pushing the Button

Usually, when your garage door won’t open when you push the button, the batteries should be checked for replacement. If your door won’t close, another problem can be the photo eye that are there for safety could be out of alignment; causing the safety feature to kick in and keep the door from closing. If your door won’t open, you could have a broken cable or spring and you will need the help of a professional to fix it.

Garage Door Starts to Close & Then Opens Again

If your garage door is trying to close and then opens again even when it seems the photo eye sensors are aligned, it can be frustrating. This tends to happen as those photo eyes get older. If your garage door is facing the sun, it can make the problem worse. You likely need to have the photo eye sensor replaced for newer ones that are stronger.

Garage Door Won’t Open Completely

Every garage door has a limit switch that needs to be adjusted to fit your garage door needs. If your garage door is reverses immediately after hitting the floor, won’t open all the way or the motor continues to run after the garage door is open all the way, this limit switch likely needs to be adjusted one way or another.

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Proper maintenance is incredibly important when it comes to your garage door. Those moving parts that lift and lower your garage door need to be maintained properly with the right kind of lubricant to keep your garage door opener running flawlessly. At Quality Garage Door Repair, we recommend getting your garage door inspected once a year to ensure there are no parts that need replacing or repairs that need to be made. We also offer garage door repairs for those times when your garage door opener isn’t running like it should. Call us today!

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