Why Do Garage Door Torsion Springs Break in Tuscany Village, NV & Can You Repair Them?

There are many parts to your garage door. The door is outfitted with a series of panels that make up the look of the door. They are attached to one another with hardware that allow them to roll up and down securely. Your door also has channels that the rollers use to slide the door in when it is opening and closing. The door is also moved with the use of a garage door motor that is usually used remotely or by a button inside the garage. The door has other parts that need to be installed correctly and cared for in order for the door to work correctly. One part of the door that needs to be watched and cared for are the springs. Most doors have two springs that are attached to the door and are what will cause the door to be pulled up and down with the support of the motor.

Quality Garage Door Repair Explains What Causes Your Springs to Break Down in Your Garage

What Type of Garage Door Springs Are Most Common?: The most common type of spring used in garage doors is a torsion spring. These springs are a part of the garage and are quite large. The springs are attached to the door and they use force to engage the door. The spring will rotate clockwise or counterclockwise depending on whether the door is opening or closing. If the spring is damaged or broken the garage will not operate properly and could stop working all together.
Garage Door Springs Wear Out & Break from Usage: The springs that are a part of your garage door are made to be used. The door is going to be opened a few times a day potentially and when it does the springs are activated. This is what they are for but over some time they can become damaged. When you use any type of spring overtime it will start to lose the tension and become loose. When this happens it can lead to the door not being able to open or close. The springs will need to be replaced from usage depending on the amount that you actually use it.
Garage Door Springs Can Rust: The springs are made of metal and usually steel. Like most metals that are exposed to weather and moisture they can become rusted. The rust is a metal killer and can start to weaken and breakdown the steel which then leads to them breaking. This can be dangerous and the spring can drop from their location. If someone is in the way of the spring or your car is in the garage it can be damaged or injured. If the spring actually breaks the door will not be able to open at all and you will need to have them replaced right away.

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If you have any trouble with your garage door springs or you want to have them inspected, it is best to call a professional garage door repair company. We can check for potential wear and tear as well as damage to the garage door springs that may require replacement.

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