What is the Best Material for a Replacement Garage Door in Las Vegas, NV? Roll Up or Swing Out & More

Garage doors serve a variety of functions. They are the primary security feature to protect the contents of the garage and potential surreptitious entry into the residence. But thieves are not the only potential problems that the garage door protects us from. Weather, rain and wind. In the desert regions of the southwestern United States nobody wants to have the dubious honor of shoveling the sand out your garage. Most garage doors seal the opening to at least mitigate dirt and soil entry. Most roll-up doors, the type that is used in nearly 90% or more of residential garages, are equipped with a strip that seals the bottom of the door. These take a beating and eventually need replacement. In our region heat is the primary concern, and not the retention thereof. An insulated door, particularly if south or west facing will help to keep the garage habitable. They also help in the winter. Without insulation, heat is radiated through the door.

Garage Door Tracks, Rollers & Cables

A well lubricated door roller works to keep door manipulation efforts to a minimum. Door openers are powerful mechanisms and if they fail, manual operations require some strength, these suckers are heavy. The steel coil attached to the door via cables can help, but do not cancel enough weight to be a total solution. If they break hire a pro as they are dangerous to try to fix yourself.

Choosing Garage Door Materials for a Replacement Door

When choosing a new door, you may want to consider avoiding any plastics, trim or primary construction. Plastics do not do well in resisting sunlight and high temperatures. They oxidize and become brittle and tend to self-destruct over time. Though nice to look at wood tends to dry out and split, and are a high maintenance item in the desert sun. So, you pretty much will want to go the metal route, generally, steel. With baked on finishes of contemporary doors you will enjoy a long life and with minimal upkeep. Make sure you have a licensed and bonded contractor install your door. You don’t want to find your Porsche under a collapsed garage door. Tuning of the torsion spring and opener can be frustrating unless you’ve done a lot of them.

Roll Up or Swing Out Garage Door

Roll-up doors work well. So well they are the primary urban living solution found in neighborhoods across the nation. Swing out doors do not work well in short, cramped driveways populating current housing divisions. These swinging doors require space to open. Sliding doors given the tight clearances would have to have tracks extending into our neighbor’s yard, just not a viable solution. Therefore, we have become dependent on the roll up garage door. Door technology is incremental, evolutionary. No revolutionary new solutions have been presented, and probably won’t. With the constrains of modern neighborhoods no other mechanism suits the purpose like a roll up door. However, there some very attractive doors to complement a variety of home designs and features. You can pick and choose a variety of designs and colors and trims. With or without glass windows. Insulated or uninsulated. The various decorative choices as well.

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