Increase the Life Expectancy of Your Garage Door by Caring for it! Tips to Spring Clean, Declutter & Organize Garage in Las Vegas, NV

It’s that time of the year where you start your spring cleaning. You go through your home room by room reducing the clutter that accumulated over the past year. However, unless you are donating at that time, those older discarded items find their way into your garage. The next question is this. How many years of spring cleaning is now housed in your garage? Quality Garage Door Repair suggests that maybe it is time for your garage to receive a spring cleaning of its own. We will share a few tips on clearing out your garage and better help you when the time comes to clean and reclaim the valuable space in your garage.

Plans to Declutter & Organize Your Garage

When it comes to organizing and cleaning out your garage you will want to start by creating various piles.
1. Donating or Selling – Any items you decide still hold value but you no longer have the need or desire to keep around, consider either selling or donating it.
2. Recycle – Older newspaper or magazines, plastic containers, cardboard or even steel items can be recycled as you clean out your garage. You can create a recycle pile for items that can be recycled.
3. Throw Out – Broken or decayed item that can’t be used can be thrown away. This actually can be done as you go through your garage. However sometimes you may require a dumpster. If you find you have a need for one, you can create a pile for disposables while you wait for your dumpster to arrive.
4. Finally you will want to create a pile or section that you would like to keep. You may find new boxes or containers will be needed to put these item in so you can orderly repack them.

Clean & Brighten Your Garage & Door

Once you have created your piles, begin to donate, sell, recycle and dispose of those unwanted items. This will hopefully create a ton of space. You can now begin to wash windows and garage doors, windows if present, to help bring in more light and help make your garage look even cleaner. Many will clear away one wall or section at a time and use hot water in a pressure washer to deep clean your garage. However a regular garden hose and broom still works wonders. While you have more space and you do your cleaning before putting items back in place, this is a golden opportunity for spray pesticides to keep those pesky bugs out and prevent future spider webs and such.

Garage Layout Planner & Designer

Before putting your items back in place, decide where everything should go and what kind of space you will want. Some will desire a work space for their home improvement projects or be able to park their vehicles to help protect them for the outside elements. Regardless of each homeowner’s desire, map out your space and the items you will be keeping inside your garage. Remember, as you put your items away, the old saying “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Quality Garage Door Repair encourages every homeowner to maintain a clean and orderly garage for safety and create a less hazardous environment. Additionally, it is easier to maintain the proper function of your garage door operating system. While you’re doing your spring cleaning, this is also a great opportunity to have your garage door and its operating system inspected and receive needed maintenance provided by a garage door technician. Quality Garage Door Repair can help repair and maintain your garage door to help it last longer and run smoother. Contact us today!

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