Most Common Causes of Garage Fires & Other Dangers in Las Vegas, NV; Residential Garage Door Maintenance, Safety Statistics & Tips

Garages are a great place to store things when you have no idea where else to put them. Garages all across the country are used as a catch-all. A space meant to store vehicles, is at times, used to store everything but a vehicle. Did you ever think about the fact that your garage isn’t safe? There are many hazards, including fires, that can often be found in garages and Quality Garage Door Repair would like to talk about some ways you can make your garage safer.

Dangers & Hazards in a Garage; Safety Checklist

1. Keep Your Garage Organized– As mentioned above, a lot of garages are filled with many belongings. The better you can keep them organized, the less likely you are to have any injuries take place in your garage. This is especially true when you make sure any tools that could be a hazard, especially to small children, are kept up and out of arm’s reach.
2. Properly Store Flammable Items– You may store combustible materials in your garage to help fuel several different tools and equipment. If this is the case, make sure they are stored away from any heat sources. Don’t store them near any heaters or heating vents, since this could become a fire hazard. Take proper care with any rags that may be saturated with combustible materials as well.
3. Let Equipment Cool Before Storing– Garages often are the home to lawn mowers and other tools used on your property. Before storing any powered equipment, give it the appropriate amount of time to cool off before putting it away inside your garage. Do not store any fuel near your powered equipment too, since it wouldn’t take much of a spark from the equipment to cause a fire in your garage. You don’t want to become a statistic in home fires that originated in your garage.
4. Store Poisonous Products Safely– You may have pest control poisons, glues & adhesives, car-care chemicals, and other hazardous materials stored in your garage. These items need to be stored in a place that small hands can’t easily get to. They should be locked up if it is at all possible.
5. Clean Spills as Soon as Possible– When you have any spills, especially with any chemicals, you need to clean them up as soon as possible. Spills like oil spills, can make the floor of your garage extremely slick.
6. Proper Maintenance of Your Garage Door– There are many working parts to a garage door that need repairs and maintenance to ensure your garage door is working as it should. You don’t want a spring to malfunction and leave your car pinned under your garage door, or worse, injure a loved one. If your door falls off the track and cannot close, your home is left vulnerable. Having a garage door that is working properly keeps your home and family safe and protected.

Residential Garage Door Inspections & Emergency Garage Door Repair Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Quality Garage Door Repair offers garage door maintenance and emergency repairs when you find yourself in need of help. Follow these tips listed above to ensure your garage is a safe place to be. Contact Quality Garage Door Repair for all your residential garage door needs.

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