Understanding Garage Door Parts in Las Vegas, NV; Panels, Hinges, Photo Eye Sensor, Tracks, Springs & Motor

The garage door is not a super complex unit but if one part is not working right the door may not open or close. Each of the parts are important in the function of the door and are necessary in their own way. Most people have become dependent on the garage door not only as a place to park their vehicle when it is not in use but also as a way to enter their home. More than 60% of people will actually use their garage door as the main entrance to their home most often. That means that when the door stops working or a part breaks it can set people back. You will have to park outdoors which can cause damage to your cars paint and leave it susceptible to break ins. Part of keeping your garage door working right is to know more about the parts and what they are for.

Quality Garage Door Repair Lists the Most Common Parts to a Garage Door & What They Are For

Garage Door Panels: Most garage door styles are made up of panels. These are what give the garage door its appearance and look. On some of the garage doors the top panel is outfitted with windows to add some light in the garage as well as decoration to the exterior of the home. The panels can be made up of many types of materials that include plaster, plastic and even metal. If you have damage to one of the panels it can usually be replaced with a new one.
Garage Door Hinges: The panels are all separate and that means that something has to hold them all together. That is where the hinges come into play. They are attached to each of the panels and connects it to the panel above or below it. The metal hinges are made from metal and need to pivot and move to function correctly. They need to be maintained as well as lubricated.
Photo Eye Sensor: One each side of the garage door there is a sensor that is used as a safety measure. It is set up level on either side and if something crosses its path while the door is in motion it will open back up. That is to be sure that small child or pet does not get smashed when the door shuts. If the sensors are out of alignment they can cause the door to open back up even if something does not cross its path.
Garage Door Tracks: The tracks are on either side of the door and that is what the rollers will glide through while the door is in motion. The tracks need to be kept clean and clear of debris to ensure that the door is able to open and close smoothly.
Garage Door Springs: There are two main types of springs and each one is installed and works differently. They are similar in the sense that the door is moving due to the spring either coiling up and pulling as well. When the springs break or are too lose the door may not open fully or even at all. You can have them replaced by a professional garage door repair company.
Garage Door Motor: The motor on the garage door is what runs the entire unit. It is usually plugged into an electrical outlet so that it can function. If the motor runs out or stops working it can also be replaced or sometimes even repaired.

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