Noisy Garage Door in Las Vegas, NV? Noise Reduction Tips; Lubricate Metal Parts, Tighten Nuts & Bolts, Silencers & More

Are you tired of listening to your noisy garage door? That dreadful sound of your door opening and closing just wreaks havoc on your ears, right? There are some quick and simple fixes that you can do to silence your garage door. Quality Garage Door Repair will cover some of the basic fixes that will help improve your garage door functions and keep them quiet.

Garage Door Noise Reduction Tips

1. Lubricate metal garage door parts. When the metallic parts of a torsion spring system rub together, this can be a major source of noise. Lubricate all the metal components. Lube the rollers, hinges, tracks and springs. Make sure to only use a lubricant intended for use on metal, such as 10W-30 motor oil. Apply with oil, use a cloth and pour the oil onto the cloth, don’t over soak the cloth. Make sure you wipe off the excess with a clean cloth. Do not use grease.
2. Tighten all nuts and bolts on garage door system. Make sure that there are no loose screws. This is a common cause for your garage door to make a lot of noise when it open and closes. Check the tracks, ceiling mount, and rollers for any loose nuts and bolts.
3. Check the condition of the garage door rollers and tracks. See if they are they damaged or worn down. Keep in mind that rollers should roll and not slide inside the track. Also see if the tracks are properly aligned. You may need to realign the track or replace the roller. There are some newer rollers on the market that are steel coated in nylon. This product decreases the noise made by the roller as they travel up and down the tracks.
4. Lubricate the garage door opener chain. Check to see if the chain is dry. If so apply oil sparingly to the chain and the pinions at each end. However, if your opener is belt-driven, do not apply anything to the rubber belt. Also, make sure that the chain or belt is taut. Many garage door chains are being replaced with belts. This also improves the sound of the garage door making it a lot quieter.
5. Add noise insulation silencers. You can install noise insulators between the motor block and the slotted metal brace used to attach the motor to the ceiling. These are cylindrical pieces of rubber, fitted with two independent screws, which buffer vibration between adjoining parts. You can purchase noise insulators from your local garage door specialist.
6. Get a garage door inspection. After you have lubricated and tightened all the loose nuts and bolts, you may want to contact a garage door service company to come out and service your garage door. We will know if your rollers are old and need replacing. We can also accurately realign your tracks, and replace any malfunctioning parts. You can even ask for more modern parts that can improve your garage doors functions and decrease the noise.

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Quality Garage Door Repair know that a noisy garage door can make a household suffer. It’s a noise that can wake everyone up late at night or early in the morning. It will also alert the neighborhood of your comings and goings. If you want to seek a bit of help in acquiring a quieter garage door, Quality Garage Door Repair is here to help.

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