Types of Garage Door Locks, Lock Bars & Latches; T-Handle, Side Bolts, Keyless & Electronic Locks in Henderson, NV

You may not realize this, but it isn’t very difficult to break into a garage door that doesn’t have a lock on it. When it comes to your home, you want to feel safe and secure. One way of ensuring you are just that, is choosing the right garage door lock for your garage door. Quality Garage Door Repair is here to acquaint you with the different types of garage door locks there are available to you.

T-Handle Garage Door Locks

This is a commonly used garage door lock. You will find it used on metal garage doors. The lock has a T handle that you unlock and use to pull the garage door up. The key isn’t your generic key either, it is a cylindrical shape that is hard to reproduce. This offers security to your garage door, because you are unable to pull the garage door opened using the handle without unlocking it first.

Side Garage Door Bolt Locks

This simple lock is a popular one. It offers great protection since it is installed on the inside of the garage door. This makes it incredibly hard for someone to pick it. The lock is located on the garage door track and the bolt locks into place through a cutout on the track. This is a very practical choice for garage door locks. It might seem simple, but it is very efficient.

Keyless Garage Door Locks

This locking system uses a keypad with a code to unlock the garage door. It is a great option because it can’t be bumped by burglars. If you feel the need to change the code, it is relatively easy to do so when permitting. Because of the unlikelihood of a burglar gaining access into your garage with this type of lock, many manufacturers back it with a guarantee that you will not have any break-ins.

Electronic Garage Door Locks

This is one of the most expensive locks money can buy for your garage door. Rather than using a key or a code to gain access to your garage, they use fingerprints. You can program multiple fingerprints into their system so more than one person can use it and you know exactly who has access to your garage. These locks are considered even more secure than the keyless garage door locks because of the advanced technology used to manufacture them. They are a great choice to provide the highest level of security to your garage.

Don’t Forget Any Side Entries

Many garages also have side doors to gain access into the garage. Don’t forget to put a reinforced door and lock on this entry to keep any intruders out. There are several types of deadbolts out there and some offer more security than others. You should at least have a deadbolt lock on these side entries to keep your home safe.

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