Garage Door Christmas Decorating Ideas in North Las Vegas, NV; Lights, Bows, Garlands, Wreaths & More

With the Christmas holiday right around the corner, there are many things people do to get festive. Lights around the home, trees, decorations, and baking indoors, but what some forget is the awesome ideas people can do to spruce up their garage doors to make them more part of the Christmas fun. We at Quality Garage Door Repair would like to share some ideas you can do to make your garage doors blend in with the Christmas atmosphere!

Garage Door Christmas Decorating Ideas

– Your garage door wrapped as a gift of epic proportions can be made to resemble an unbelievably large gift for the best kid on the block! An extra large bow and a tag from Santa will make all the children on the block envious.
– If the wrapping paper is a bit extreme, just opt for the super-sized ribbon and bow, to get your point across the massive gift decoration your garage door is.
– The garage door can have its own theme of festive lights or it can be a part of the rest of the house’s light scheme. By incorporating lights, you can create some incredible patterns. The garage door framed garland and lights will contribute to a tasteful and elegant display.
– Enlarged wreaths, DYI or pre-bought, can emphasize your garage door’s Christmas decor. Showing off your own homemade wreath complete with all the trimmings, whether it is snow, holly, mistletoe, candy canes, bows, or whatever artistic flare is yours, can be settled right in the center of your garage door for all to see.
– With those who have natural talents, having your garage door painted with a Christmas scene mural can not only help you get into the holiday mood, but it can also improve your craft as well enhance your garage door with your very own custom and unique mural. Using washable paints can ensure the temporary use of it and should wash off with ease. For an added bonus, you can make this a monthly tradition by picking a theme to go with each month and using your garage door as your canvas to practice your skills.
– If you are not a painter, vinyl stickers could also be used to decorate your garage door for Christmas and many stickers are reusable to pull out every Christmas season. The vinyl stickers are durable, but still easily removed once the festivities are over. You can find the right Christmas vinyl stickers that spell out your favorite holiday wishes or a cute cartoon, or classic nativities. No matter what you are looking for, the vinyl garage door stickers can be the right finishing touch to you Christmas décor.
– Christmas magnets can vamp up any garage door with holiday cheer and is incredibly easy to accomplish. Magnets can attract a wide a range of folks finding one that speaks to your tastes should be relatively easy and after the season is over they are simple to store for the next year. You may want to test your door to see if magnets are doable on your door before buying the larger decorative magnets.
– For the tech savvy, a projector shining onto the garage door can be fun and exciting way to accent the door with dancing lights as your garage door decoration.

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