Why You Should Keep Your Car in the Garage With a Good Working Door as Opposed to Outside in Summerlin, NV During Winter

Other than our homes, our cars can be the second largest investment we will make. You maintain your car on a regular basis and you should protect it by parking it in the garage. Parking in the garage seems to be a thing of the past as many homeowners use their garages to store gardening equipment, bikes, tools, decorations, boxes, golf clubs and more.

Benefits of Parking Car in the Garage

1. Protection is a big reason as the environment can damage our cars. Hail can actually ding your car and bird droppings can be very acidic, damaging the paint on your car. Summers in Las Vegas can be brutal. UV rays from the sun are damaging and can cause interior components like the dash or the leather to crack. Keeping your car looking its best will lead to greater resale value when it comes time to sell.
2. Other vehicles can dent and ding your car if it’s left on the driveway along with falling tree branches, not to mention kids playing outside or riding by on their bikes.
3. Having protection from the elements is convenient. It’s nice to get into your car without getting wet when it’s raining, allowing you to hop in and stay dry. It’s also nice if you’ve been out shopping to be able to go from the garage into the home without getting wet. Rain can be annoying and a garage gives you the perfect shelter to make it pleasant. You can also avoid temperature extremes and other conditions.
4. Your neighborhood might be considered safe, but crime is always a possibility. Your car cannot be broken into, stolen or vandalized if it’s parked inside your garage.
5. Check with your insurance company to see if your rates can be lowered by keeping your car in the garage. Many will offer it and any money saved is a plus.
6. Your garage will keep your car warm which means the oil and other fluids are kept at a stable level. This is good for the engine and on cold days the car will warm up faster because the coolant stays warmer and if your older car starts leaking oil, it won’t be on the driveway!
7. Parking your car inside the garage adds to the curb appeal of your home, making it look uncluttered and clean. Homes appear well-maintained with an empty driveway.

Residential Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

There are a lot of reasons to park in the garage, so make sure your garage door is in good working order. If you cannot park inside your garage, make sure you’re not making access into your home easy by hiding the remote. You may get lucky and have a car that color coordinates well with your home, if not, it can be done with the garage door. Pull the car into the garage and consider having a new shiny garage door installed! Contact Quality Garage Door Repair for consultations on garage door sales, inspections, tune-ups, and maintenance.

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