Parts that Could Need to Be Repaired or Replaced on Your Las Vegas, NV Garage Door; Panels, Springs & More

When you look at the garage door you may think that it is quite simple. There seems to be a door, motor and remote clicker but there is so much more. There are many working parts to a garage door and any of them can malfunction or break at any time which may require a repair or replacement. You should be aware of these parts to understand how the door functions as well as what could potentially go wrong with it.

Quality Garage Door Repair Lists Garage Door Parts that Could Go Bad & Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced

Garage Door Panels: When you look at your garage door the majority of them are not a single piece but are made up of smaller panels. Each of the panels are really their own part and that means that they may need replaced one at a time. Maybe you have backed into the garage and caused a ding or dent that you want to have fixed. A new panel would be the answer.
Garage Door Springs: Each door is outfitted with a particular type of spring. There are torsion springs and extension springs that are a major part of the system that pulls the door open and shut. If one of the springs breaks your door will sound like it is opening but it will go nowhere. It needs the resistance of the springs to get the door moving one way or another. When you have a spring go out it is best to replace both of them so that they are equal in strength.
Photo Eye Sensor: One of the most common problems that people have with their garage door is when the door opens and closes when it seems that there is nothing in the way. This is often times due to the sensor that is at the base of the garage door near the opening. There is a sensor on each side and they are part of the safety precautions that the garage door has. If the sensor is bumped out of place even a small bit it will not be level enough to see the clear path. It can cause the door to open back up even when the path is clear. The sensor can also go bad and could potentially need to be replaced as well.
Clicker & Garage Door Keypad: Another area that tends to cause trouble is with the clickers or outdoor keypad. Have you even pulled up to the garage and the clicker just won’t work? That could simply be due to a dead battery that can be replaced. It could also be that the clicker is bad and needs to be replaced. The same can happen to the outdoor keypad. If the battery dies it will need to be replaced before it can be used.

Quality Garage Door Repair Offers Garage Door Repairs As Well AS Replacement In Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

If you have a garage door that is malfunctioning or not working in any way be sure to call a professional that can come out and make the repairs. The technician can give you guidance on what needs to be replaced or what can just be repaired.

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