Lost or Stolen Garage Door Opener Remote in Summerlin, NV? How to Disable, Use Emergency Release Cord & More!

If you’ve been running errands and get home to reach for the remote for your garage to find it missing, panic will set in. One of the easiest ways a burglar can get into your home is to steal your garage door opener to easily enter your home. Unfortunately, we give them lots of ways to do this. All they need to do is roam the parking lot and look for cars that aren’t locked. Many times, the remote is affixed to the visor. If a thief gets into your car and gets a hold of it, all they need to do is look in the glove box for the registration with your address on it. If they move quickly enough, they can be in and out of your home before you even get back.

I Lost My Garage Door Opener, What Can I Do?

Garage door remotes work by emitting a signal from a receiver that’s located in the housing of the door opener motor. This is the same way all models of door openers work. What can be different is the type of code programmed and the frequency used. Since 1993, most door openers use rolling codes which means that each time you use the remote, the transmission code changes.

How to Disable Garage Door Opener Remote

Garage door openers will have a green, red, orange, yellow or purple Smart Button that is found in the housing of the remote. If you push on the button for a few seconds, it will deprogram all the remotes and keypads that are used for your house. So, if the remote has been stolen, it will not be able to open your garage door. You will then need to reprogram all the remotes according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you don’t have the maintenance manual you can probably find it online. You can even find a video to help you figure it out.

Garage Door Emergency Release Reconnect

Some models of garage door openers use a control panel installed near the door to the home. If you use the lock button, you will disable all the signals from the remote controls or exterior keypads. You will still be able to open and close the door using the open/close button on this panel. If you have a doorbell-type wall control instead of the control panel, you will need to unplug the door opener from the wall outlet and it will need to remain unplugged until you can be sure the remote hasn’t been stolen. You will need to use the emergency release cord to open and close the door.

How to Prevent Losing Your Garage Door Opener Remote

Be proactive! You should always make sure your cars doors are locked, even if it’s parked in front of your house. Many remotes get stolen overnight so don’t leave your garage door remote in plain sight. Put it somewhere that can’t be seen by looking into your car. If you’re worried about where you’re leaving your car, just take the remote with you. You can also put your vehicle registration in your wallet so it isn’t making it easier for thieves to figure out where you live. You can also purchase mini remotes that go right onto your keychain, so it’s always with you.

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