Tips on How to Avoid Garage Door Repair Scams in North Las Vegas, NV; Only Hire Licensed, Reputable Companies!

In every industry, there are people claiming to be professionals and they attempt to take advantage of people in a bind. Unfortunately, the garage door service industry is no different. There are various scams that are floating around, that we at Quality Garage Door Repair would like to relate some of the scams in an effort to help you be more aware.
1) Garage Door Repair Service Charges. If the service charges seem to be too good to be true, it probably is. Be cautious. Authentic garage door repair businesses will charge a service fee to come in and assess problems, and of course a bit more in an emergency call. However, some garage door repair businesses with low moral standards will execute a scam where they will charge a significantly low service charge, they will take your credit card information over the phone, send out a generic handyman who then tries to pedal push you into additional service charges along with other fees. Then we get your statement, you find you were charged outrageous fees. The red flag is demanding a service charge before the “repair man” comes to your home.
2) Garage Door Repair Network. A popular trending scam in recent years is taking consumers by storm. The scam is handyman type websites popping up all over the web, targeting various homes to make the homeowners believe they are a professional garage door repair business, when the actuality is a “repair man” that has little to no experience and no formal training will “fake it until he makes it” usually leaving your garage door in far worse shape than before. To ensure you are getting a professional garage door repair company, ask to see the proper credentials, licensing and certifications.
3) Unfulfilled Lifetime Warranties on Garage Door Parts. Another common scam offered to unsuspecting homeowners is when an extremely high priced lifetime warranty can be purchased on parts such as springs, that are not designed to last a lifetime. These garage door repairmen do not back their warranty when it is time to deliver.
4) Changing Garage Door Estimates. A scrupulous “repair technician” will give you a “rough estimate”, and then after the services are done unsatisfactorily, the bill is 3 to 4 times the estimate. To avoid such a scam always ask the technician for the firm price to be written up front before any work begins. If they act like that is an unacceptable request, ask them specifically why that is, and if they don’t have a legitimate reason, it might be in your better interest to find a more reputable garage door company.
5) Unmarked Garage Door Repair Service Vehicles. Technicians that arrive to your home in an unmarked vehicle with no company logo or information of any kind, is more than likely a third party handyman. Though many tradesmen are turning to unmarked automobiles to avoid being robbed, most are still baring a marketing advertisement of their business on their vehicles.

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