Does Your Garage Door Jump, Jerk, Rattle or Roll in Henderson, NV; Signs You May Need Emergency Repairs!

Your garage door is supposed to work appropriately and function when you use your remote or clicker inside your garage door. Some people are not even sure when there garage door is working correctly or when there is a problem. There are some issues that you need to look out for when you see the garage door and you do an inspection to determine if you have a problem. The garage door is supposed to work smoothly and quietly so if you are dealing with a loud or obnoxious garage door you are going to want to delve further!

Quality Garage Door Repair Lists Signs You Need to Look for When Checking For A Problem With Your Garage Door

Does Your Garage Door Jump or Jerk When Opening & Closing?: When you click the button to open or close the garage door you should hear the soft hum of the motor. The door should slide and roll up and down smoothly which means you don’t need to deal with loud shaking and bouncing noises. If you notice that your garage door is jumping or jerking when it opens, closes or both; you may have a problem that should be repaired. It could be an issue with the installation of the door. It can also be from a loose piece of tracking that can cause a jump in the door when it gets to that area.
Is Your Garage Door Rattling: The sound of rattling from just about anything is not a great thing. Rattling when it comes to your garage door means trouble and can lead to a bigger problem if it is not addressed. The rattling noise can be from a loose or broken part in the garage door. Every component needs to be working correctly to ensure that the door does not break any further. If the garage door has any damage, it can be difficult to pinpoint the issue. The best way to deal with a broken part is to hire a professional that can do a thorough inspection on the door to see what could be broken. We can also offer an estimate for the repairs before it becomes a bigger problem.
The Garage Rolls When It Should Not: The garage door obviously is made to roll up and down but there are moments when rolling is not a good thing. One is when you go to close the garage and it rolls right back up. That can be due to a bad sensor that is telling the door that something is in its path. Another problem can be when you are manually opening or closing the door. The door should be easy to open and close and should not take much effort. If you open it manually it should stay there and if it does not there is a problem. The last thing you need is for your garage door to fall on a person or vehicle.

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