Tips to Weatherproof & Winterize Your Garage in Las Vegas, NV; Upgrading Your Garage Door to an Energy Efficient, Insulated Replacement & More

During the cold months, it’s important to keep our garage in good condition. If you spend a lot of time in the garage or you use it as a work-space, you need to winterize it to help protect your belongings, especially if you use it for storage. An added benefit of taking care of your garage is it will protect your car from the cold of winter outside.

Five Ways to Winterize & Weatherproof Your Garage

1. Keep Garage Clean. Do a thorough cleaning to remove all the dirt, debris, leaves and mulch that get tracked into the garage on a daily basis and use a broom to keep the walls and ceilings clean. Putting a water seal on the floor will keep moisture from seeping in during the winter. Keeping the garage clean will make it easier to seal off any parts that could be letting moisture in.
2. Weatherproofing. Your garage should be weather stripped to keep winter moisture out. Garages that sit under bedrooms benefit from weather stripping to help keep the cold out and keep you comfortable. Improper weatherproofing cools the hot air furnace ducts that are under the floor. Use convex rubber door stripping on the bottom of the door and around the perimeter of the door on a wooden frame. Check the weather-stripping through the cold season and look for gaps or cracks that need repair or total replacement. You can also contact Quality Garage Door Repair to learn more about replacing your old garage door with an energy efficient, insulated upgrade!
3. Keep Garage Ventilated. The cavity of the garage door needs ventilation created to allow moisture to get out through evaporation. This can be done by installing a wall vent on two sides of the garage that will allow the moisture to evaporate and exit. Moisture created by daily heating of the garage needs ventilation too. Condensation is caused by heat that turns into moisture. If it’s left unchecked, it can lead to health problems for those living in the house.
4. Seal Off Holes & Cracks. Do regular checks of the garage to look for any holes and cracks that might be allowing moisture in and are allowing heat to escape. Check for cracks on the garage door and holes in the walls and doors. Look at areas around electrical outlets and the vent for the dryer and seal these openings with caulk. Windowpanes that are cracked or broken need to be repaired or replaced.
5. Consider Installing a Heater. To keep you warm in the winter, you can install a heater. Using a normal heater isn’t advised as it can cause fires, especially if you keep chemicals in the garage and it’s not able to manage the heat needed to heat such a large space either. To heat it effectively, purchase an electric forced-air heater.

Garage Door Repairs & Maintenance in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Harsh winter weather can be hard on your car. Cars left outside take longer to warm up and can weaken the battery and spark plugs. Fluids in your car can get thicker in cold weather too. Keeping your car’s fluids flowing smoothly and continuously will keep it running smoothly. Keeping your car in a warm garage during the winter months gives you peace of mind that it will run smoothly while being protected from the elements. Contact Quality Garage Door Repair for all your garage door needs.

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