Popular Garage Design Styles in North Las Vegas, NV; Traditional Raised Panel, Contemporary & Carriage House Garage Doors

Many will look for ways to improve their home and the appearance of their exterior. In order to seek a more pleasing look, some have repainted or made other changes to the exterior of their home as well as do a complete or modified yard makeover. Others have turned their attention to their garage doors wherein they have decided to change the color, the trim or even the entire style of their garage door. Others may just need to replace a broken or damaged portion of their garage door. Regardless as to the reason why you wish to change your garage door, Quality Garage Door Repair will share some of the top or most popular styles of garage door of this year.

Traditional Raised Panel Garage Door

The traditional raised panel garage door is still used for those who want that clean classic look for your homes exterior. There are many design options with a raised-panel garage door which is one of the leading factors to its increasing popularity. The construction of the raised-panel garage door and design includes insulation and natural wood options. The traditional raised-panel garage door is typically designed as a solid piece. However there are window options as well as color and texture to bring more diversity to the look of your home and the garage door.

Modern Contemporary Garage Door Design

The contemporary garage door is a style that comes from the mid-century which many have considered to be more of a modern style. It is chosen by those seeking more of a “curbside appeal”. This style of garage door comes with windows to help bring light as well as diversity of look and design. Contemporary garage doors can be made from wood, steel, and of course, glass windows. Some will come with all three materials bringing an efficient yet exotic look to your home. Because of these diverse features it too, is one of the more popular types of garage door for this year.

Carriage House Garage Door

The carriage house garage door, or also known as the “barn style garage door”, brings an awesome rustic and classy feel to your home. This style of garage door swings outward when the opener is activated. They are often made of wood or faux wooden steel to add that rustic look. Some will have windows added to their design. They too come with a wider variety of design, color patterns and materials.

Residential Garage Door Installation, Repair & Maintenance in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Traditional raised panel garage doors, contemporary garage doors and carriage house garage doors have grown in popularity. Many are searching for change and have achieved a more unique style and look of their home. Technology of the garage door has come really far these past few years, making it far easier to bring your own personality to your home. If you are looking to replace your garage door or in need having your current door repaired, Quality Garage Door Repair can help install or repair your garage door and its various components. Contact us today.

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