Someone Hit & Drove into Garage Door Frame in Mountain’s Edge, NV? Inspection, Panel Repair & More

A very common mistake that happens more frequently than you can imagine, are homeowners crashing their own vehicles into the garage door. Whether you are backing towards the door, or if its in front of you, mistakes are made and now you have a hurt vehicle and wounded garage door to contend with. But where do you start in the mix of things? Well we at Quality Garage Door Repair would like to take the opportunity to discuss this predicament.

Garage Door Inspection Checklist

The first thing to do is to remember to stay calm, if anyone is injured immediately get medical assistance as your first priority. If there are no injuries to concern yourself with, assess the damage to the garage door. Chances are the bottom of the garage door took most of the impact and is in the worse shape. Check the garage door opener rollers to ensure they are still in their tracks. Inspect the attached hinges for any signs of damage that will prohibit it from operating. Inspect the lifting cables are still aligned with their drums. Evaluate the entire lifting system, including the springs, lifting cable, and bottom bracket, to see if it is under high tension all the time; if the tension is equal to the full weight of your garage door, do not touch it under any circumstances. The door could be insecure and the slightest adjustment can make it fall and crush anything or anyone under it. If the damage is that severe, call a professional garage door service for inspection.

Troubleshooting Garage Door Opener

If the damage seems to be minimal, try lifting the garage door open, taking precautions with loved ones by ensuring they are safely in the home, away from the door. After it’s safely cleared, stand about eight feet away from your garage door. With caution, push the button on your remote garage door opener to see what happens, but be ready to stop it of the garage door runs into trouble. Problems can include if you hear loud noises and see that parts of the garage are not fitting or moving properly. In this case, shut off the opening system and unplug the device immediately from its electrical outlet. Avoid touching any components or parts to the garage and contact your professional. In the event the garage door was hit with enough force, do not touch anything and contact your garage door expert for assistance.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Garage Door Repairs?

When it comes to the insurance aspects of it, the homeowners insurance does not cover the damage done to the vehicle just as the auto insurance does not cover the damage done to the garage door. In this case, you will have contact both companies, find out the what the deductibles are, if premiums go up and compare them to the damage repair cost to see if it is worth opening a claim on either aspect.

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You can get estimates from a professional concerning your vehicle as well as the garage door and if the garage door’s damage is extensive, your professional might suggest in replacing the garage door all together. Quality Garage Door Repair can come inspect the garage door, right up repair costs and compare them with you on the cost of replacing the garage door. Contact us for all your home garage door needs!

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