Garage Door Myths & Facts in Paradise, NV; Doors Should Not Be Too Noisy & More

As with many aspects in life, there are perceived notions that people believe are fact. Separating myth from facts is essential no matter what the topic is. As with most industries, there are several common myths we hear routinely where it concerns residential garage doors. At this time, we at Quality Garage Door Repair would like to discuss some of the common myths and relate the facts to set the record straight.

Garage Door Facts & Myths

Myth: One in the same, garage doors are all standardized.
Fact: In the past few decades, garage doors have excelled. With so much diversity, garage doors have a variety of styles, types, materials, colors, and functionality along with many different openers that operate them. Where garage doors have similarities, they certainly do have their differences.
Myth: All garage doors are loud.
Fact: All kinds of machinery make noise, including garage doors; that is true. However, a sign of an underlying problem is a garage door that is operating with very loud sounds. If it is functioning with abnormally loud sounds call in a professional as soon as possible as it could be safety risk as well.
Myth: DIY repairs are simple to do and they save time and money.
Fact: There are a few simple maintenance tasks that homeowners are encouraged to perform. Many garage door repairs requires a skilled technician with specifically designed tools to properly make needed repairs as well to ensure the safety of everyone. One false move can lead someone who is untrained with severe bodily harm.
Myth: The whole garage door and system will need to be replaced in the event a problem presents itself with the garage door.
Fact: More often than not, repairs or at worst, a part may need to be replaced. Depending on how old the garage door is, the extent of damage or issues at hand, it might be in your better interest to upgrade to a new door, but professionals can help you determine the best course of action.
Myth: Garage doors and garage door openers have interchangeable parts.
Fact: Garage doors and openers are all designed differently and have different parts; many times the same manufacturers will have specific parts and components unique to a particular model.
Myth: A well insulated garage doors are expensive and have no benefits.
Fact: The energy lost through a standard garage doors is reduced by up to 71% with a quality insulated garage door. Not only beneficial, but they are just as affordable as standard doors. Just like standard doors, insulated doors can get more pricy with added features like windows, coating, and material types.
Myth: Garage doors do not improve a home’s appearance.
Fact: Once garage doors were very generic and the only purpose was functionality. Modernly speaking, garage doors are available in a plethora of shapes, sizes, styles and other features to fit with any homes décor and even be a charming focal point.
Myth: Garage doors are always safe.
Fact: As the largest mechanical system in your home, garage doors are engineered to be as safe as possible. There are many safety features in place and some are even manditory, but any machine can malfunction. Always respect the garage door to avoid serious damage or injury.

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