Garage Door Myths in Providence, NV; Should You Replace Both Garage Door Springs at Same Time?

There are many misconceptions about garage doors and especially about garage door repairs. Because many underestimate the task or underestimate the danger involved, serious injury or damage has occurred in the past. Quality Garage Door Repair would like to correct these misconceptions about garage doors and their needed repairs. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about garage doors.

Garage Door Problems Often Don’t Have a Simple Fix

Garage door repairs are simple. Garage doors are complex and are comprised of many components, some of which are hazardous, especially if the correct safety procedures aren’t followed. Additionally, if all of the various components aren’t lined up or balanced out correctly your garage door may not function at all or not correctly.

DIY Garage Door Repairs Are Dangerous

When repairing garage door electrical problems, you’re not safe just because you turn off the circuit breaker.
When repairing electrical problems, you’re safe if you turn off the circuit breaker. This isn’t true at all. Garage doors use a powerful emergency battery to maintain garage door usage during time of power outages. There have been many accidents due to this misconception when repairing garage doors electrical problems.

Garage Door Failure Signs Shouldn’t Be Ignored

You can’t ignore garage door failure signs because you think it takes a long time for a garage door to break down.
When springs or drums or other major components of the garage door operating system begin to show signs of failure, it doesn’t mean you can take your time to repair these problems. A garage door is a very heavy item and a failing component can unexpectedly give out under the pressure of the weight of the door. Death and serious injury has occurred because either the homeowner didn’t realize the signs their garage door was failing or they ignored the signs until it was too late.

Garage Door Noises Can Be Difficult to Quieten

All garage door noises are easily fixed. This isn’t always a misconception. Some noises are easily fixed by lubricating the right components such as rollers, tracks and springs. However, some you may want to avoid. For example, you will want to avoid chains. People have lost fingers in garage door chains when they where attempting to lubricate them. Keep in mind, the more dangerous the component is, the better to leave it to a trained garage door technician. Additionally, you will want to be careful on the type of lubrication you use on your garage door. Certain components require special lubricants.

You Should Replace Both Garage Door Springs at the Same Time

Some will believe it is a waste of money to replace both sets of springs when only one begins to go out. Springs are one of the first components of a garage door system to wear out. Each time you activate your garage door; there is wear and tear on your springs. Springs are able to last up to 10 to 15 years if they are kept lubricated and maintained. However, when a spring breaks, your whole garage down can fall down during use. If one spring is at the end of its usage most likely the other spring is getting close as well. To prevent unknown damage or injuries, it is well worth the investment to replace both sets of springs.

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Garage doors can quickly become dangerous if not maintained or treated cautiously during repairs. You can easily find reports of when injury or death has occurred involving garage doors. Most of these stories involve poor maintenance or improper safety protocols during repairs. If your garage door is in need of inspection, repairs, or replacement, contact Quality Garage Door Repair today.

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