The Dangers of DIY Replacing Springs & Other Garage Door Repairs in Rhodes Ranch, NV

There are a number of home repairs that can be taken care of with the help of an informative video on the internet. Do you want to learn how to install a ceiling fan for example or dismantle and replace a garbage disposal? Both of these tasks can be performed easily with tools that you probably already have in your garage. But many home repairs including garage door repairs should be left to the professionals. For example when it comes to a garage door that is malfunctioning or broken, homeowners should look for a qualified garage door repair specialist like those at Quality Garage Door Repair rather than attempting to tackle the problems on their own.

Why Garage Door Repairs Should Always Be Left to the Professionals

• When your garage door opener is malfunctioning and even worse unpredictable you run the risk of serious injury when you try to repair it on your own.
• Garage doors are incredibly heavy because of their insulated construction which makes then extremely difficult to move when they need replacement parts.
• Many of the components are designed to maintain a tight connection and work in tandem. When one part of the system fails, the rest will follow quickly without professional assessment and repairs.
• If you do not have a business license in the garage door industry you will find it very difficult to find the correct replacement parts for your garage door.
• When you hire Quality Garage Door Repair for your garage door repairs you are not only getting a professional service, you will also be getting a company that is trained to take care of any unexpected issues that may arise during the repair process.

Installing a Replacement Garage Door

Even the handiest of homeowners avoid installing a replacement garage door not just because of the weight of the door, but also because of the system of springs, cables, sensors and other components which are complex and difficult to master without professional training. Your Quality Garage Door Repair installation specialist will install your garage door safely using specialized tools to ensure that your systems are properly aligned and safe for you to use.

Replacing or Repairing Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs play a major role in lifting the door up and lowering the door down. Most garage door manufacturers guarantee their springs for approximately three to seven years for roughly 10,000 to 15,000 cycles. Door springs can wear out for a variety of reasons including:
• Additional weight of the door due to after-market additions in the form of insulation, glass, or hardware.
• High levels of humidity which can cause corrosive cracking.
• Lack of or poor maintenance such as postponing necessary repairs
Overhead torsion springs should be replaced or repaired by a professional who has the knowledge, skill and tools required to complete the repair safely.

How to Fix a Malfunctioning Garage Door Opener

While you can expect years of dependable use from your garage door opener it is still a piece of machinery and at some point it will malfunction. It may be something minor such as a dead sensor or a malfunctioning wall switch. Or it could be something more serious such as a problem with the main drive gear. Don’t play the guessing game, your garage door repair technician can examine locate, and repair the problem quickly.

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Other garage door repairs that should be left to your Quality Garage Door Repair repair specialist include: replacing panels on your garage door, repairing and replacing a detached garage door, replacing or repairing door rollers, and fixing broken or worn cables. For more information regarding garage door inspections, maintenance, repairs, replacement and new installations for your Las Vegas, Nevada home, contact the knowledgeable experts at Quality Garage Door Repair today.

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