Types of Garage Door Locks in Summerlin, NV; Garage Door Deadbolt Automatic, Slide, T-Handle, Electronic Locks & More

When you have a garage, you don’t want anybody to gain access unless it is somebody you trust. If you don’t have a lock on your garage door, it can easily get broken into, which would make any homeowner feel uneasy. Quality Garage Door Repair is here to talk about different types of garage door locks that are available to you to assist in keeping unwanted guests out of your garage.

Garage Door Deadbolt Automatic Locks

For those that live in an area that is known for high theft, deadbolt locks are a great option to keep your garage safe. They are difficult to open without the use of a key and are also a great way to lock your garage door if you are using it for storage more than to keep your cars safe. The lock works with the use of a key to turn the cylinder to the open position and allowing the door to be opened.

Garage Door Slide Lock Hatch

The slide garage door lock is an inexpensive way to keep your garage safe. It works with the use of a handle that is in alignment with the garage door track and doesn’t allow the garage door to lift when locked into place. If you have an automatic garage door opener and forget that you have locked the door with the slide lock, it can result in a burned up motor. Sometimes it isn’t the best choice for those with automatic garage door openers.

T-Handle Locks for Your Garage Door

The T-handle lock is one of the most common locks found on garage doors. It locks with a key and once you have the key inserted in the keyhole, you can turn the handle which will allow you to then open the garage door. It gets its name for the basic T-shaped handle.

Electronic Garage Door Locks

Some automatic garage door openers come equipped with electronic locks. They work in the same way as the slide locks, but are automatically locked and unlocked when the garage door is opened or closed with the button. They are a very secure choice for keeping intruders out of your garage.

Always Lock Side Access Doors as Well

Most garages also have a side door that allows you to gain access into the garage. If you have any other doors into the garage, make sure they are equipped with a lock that will keep your garage secure as well. At the very least, any door into the garage should be equipped with a deadbolt lock to make it difficult for someone to break into.

Garage Door Lock & Opener Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Keeping your garage safe is important to most homeowners and in order to do that, picking the right garage door lock is important. No matter which garage door lock you decide you want to use on your garage door, Quality Garage Door Repair can help you install it and keep your garage safe. We can help you with any residential garage door installations and repairs as well. Call us today for an appointment.

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