Importance of Garage Door Balancing in North Las Vegas, NV; Troubleshooting, Adjusting, Repairs & More

Is your garage door having problems rising or closing? It might be due to the fact that your garage door is out of balance. Having a garage door that doesn’t function properly can become frustrating. It can make you late for work or picking your kids up at school, etc. Often a garage door becomes unbalanced and requires some basic maintenance to rebalance it. If the garage door is left unattended when it comes to balance, this can lead to other expensive repairs. Quality Garage Door Repair will explain the importance of balancing your garage door as it needs it to avoid further problems in the future.

Troubleshooting Unbalanced Garage Door Problems

When your garage door becomes unbalanced, it will not function correctly when it is activated. Often the gears won’t even be able to pull open the garage door at all. Another problem associated with an unbalanced door is when it seems the door gets stuck on certain parts of the tracks or railing system of your garage door system. There could be other problems with the garage door as well, such as rusty tracks, or the belt or chain needs repair or replacement. When your garage doors seems to not be opening or closing properly, check for obstructions first to rule out something that might be blocking the sensors which is a simple fix. If you find out that there are no obstructions, watch the garage door as it opens or closes. Look to see if one side is rising faster than the other. This could also be a sign of an unbalanced door. After watching, then listen. Does the garage door opener make a lot of noise when it is activated? If there is an imbalance problem, the opener may make extra noises due to the extra weight from the unbalanced door. Another sign of an unbalanced door is if the panels of the door itself bend or buckle when it is either rising or closing.

Adjusting & Repairing an Unbalanced Garage Door

Repairing a garage door imbalance problem should be left to a professional. Many homeowners don’t realize the dangers of working on a garage door–not to mention locating the direct cause of the unbalances can be difficult because lot of things can throw a garage door out of balance. A professional technician will access the torsion rod and the tension spring and see if they are loose or needs adjusting. We will do a thorough search of the entire garage door operating system and look for loose nuts and bolts. We will also adjust the tracks to make sure the rollers are still in place and running smoothly. We may also lubricate the track and other moving parts if they look dry. The technician will do a thorough inspection of your garage door’s operating system to make sure there aren’t unseen problems that could cause future damage, repair or even injury. There have been a lot of accidents with improperly functioning garage door systems.

Garage Door Balancing Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

It is important to contact a professional garage door repair company when your garage door begins to function incorrectly. Not only for the convenience, but also for your safety. Quality Garage Door Repair encourages you to keep up your garage door operating systems and have it maintained regularly. We can perform inspections, repair, and provide full replacement. If you have issues with your garage door functioning properly, contact Quality Garage Door Repair today.

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