Spring Garage Door Cleaning & Maintenance in Henderson, NV; Check Weather Stripping, Maintain Hardware, Apply Lubricant & More

Your garage door is most likely opened and closed about ten times a day depending on your schedule. If you are a busy mom that has work, kids at school, sports and other activities you may end up in and out of the house several times on any given day. The garage door is a part of that routine and if it is not working it can really dampen your day and get you off your schedule. The garage door, as long as it is installed correctly will work great but you need to do some maintenance and cleaning to keep it going. It is just like anything that has working and moving parts. There are small parts that need attention and some areas that need to be cleaned. The garage door is also a big part of the look of your home so keeping it clean is an added benefit to the appeal of your home and the value.

Quality Garage Door Repair Offers Steps to Take to Keep Your Garage Clean & Well Maintained

Clean Exterior of Garage Door: You want to take time to clean the outside of the garage door. Depending on the material that door is made from you want to use a mild cleaner to wash it. A great option is to use a warm water mixed with dish soap in a bucket. The mixture should be applied to the door with a wash cloth and make sure that it does not scratch it. If you have a door that is made of steel you can also use a car wax to give it the shine back on the door. You want the door to look its best and it will also stop some of the debris that could potentially damage the door.
Maintain Garage Door Hardware: There is a lot of hardware on the garage door and that means they need to be treated and lubricated to ensure they are working well. There are hinges, rollers and the tracks that need to be cleaned and lubricated to make sure they can move smoothly. The lubricating will also help to stop any squeaking and noises that start to happen when your garage door is engaged. You also need to be sure that you clean any oil off the surfaces because it can build up and cause dirt to collect.
Check Weather Stripping Around Garage Door: Another option that you need to look at when you are maintaining the garage door is the weather stripping. The weather stripping is an important part of keeping the garage insulated and the weather out. If you allow the weather stripping to be cracked and dried out it can lead to air flow, rain and wind coming in the garage. The garage is attached to the house and that means you garage door is not helping with energy efficiency.

Maintenance & Cleaning For Your Garage Door In Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada.

You want to be sure that you have your garage door maintained and repaired by a professional. Quality Garage Door Repair knows what areas to look at as well as what needs to be fixed. The technician will lubricate the moving parts and clean any excess oil. Contact Quality Garage Door Repair today to schedule your spring tune-up!

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