Weird Garage Noises Explained in Eldorado, NV; Banging, Grinding, Clicking & Other Sounds

Every garage door makes a certain amount of noise as it operates. It’s when you start to hear noises that aren’t normally there that it raises some concern. Many homeowners brush off these noises as they tend to think that it is normal for garage doors to be noisy. At United Garage Door Service of North Las Vegas, we would like to explain what some weird noises might mean when things start sounding strange with your garage door.

Garage Door Makes Squeaky, Banging, Grinding & Other Sounds

There are several sounds that can come from a garage door and indicate that there is a problem. Following are some of the most common ones that we see, along with what they may mean for your garage door.
Thumping Garage Door Sounds: For those with an electric garage door opener, you may have noticed in the past that there is a loud thump when the garage door closes completely. This can mean that your opener is having a difficult time opening and closing the door. Most often, it means that your torsion springs are in need of maintenance. You could even have one that has broken. It is highly unlikely to have issues with both at the same time. You can inspect the situation by inspecting it while the garage door is closing for a broken spring. If you find this, you need to contact a professional as soon as possible.
Clicking Garage Door Noises: As your door operates, you may hear clicking the whole time it is lifting up and down. This could be from an issue with your rollers. They could be defective and close to falling off. You could also have an issue with the coils and springs. If your garage is usually cool and humid, rust can form, causing these noises.
Squeaking Sound from Garage Door: Most of the time when you hear a loud shrill and squeaking as your door opens and closes, it means you don’t have the lubrication that is needed to quietly operate. It may start out sounding bad, but if your garage door opener isn’t properly lubricated it can cause big problems.
Grinding Noise from Garage Door: A grinding noise is definitely one that doesn’t sound quite right. This could mean there is an issue with your chain or belt. This is especially true when as the garage door opens, it looks and sounds as if the gear pinions aren’t catching on the chain. You could need to make an adjustment to the chain or the belt may be too loose.

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If you are experiencing any strange noises as your garage door opens and closes, you need to call on the professionals at United Garage Door Service of North Las Vegas to diagnose the problem. Any problems with your springs can pose a danger to you and should never be handled on your own. To keep yourself and those you love safe, call us today with any of your garage door needs.

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