Wooden Garage Door Maintenance Tips in Las Vegas, NV; Movement Wears Out Parts. Regular Inspections & Tune Ups Can Help Prevent Emergency Repairs!

Natural wooden garage doors can really enhance the curb appeal of any home when they are well maintained, preserved and in pristine condition. The natural effects of the grain patterns are never quite replicated in manmade materials. The versatility with stains and paints used on your wooden garage doors gives you the advantage of choosing the right enhancement and play on your sense of style.

Quality Garage Door Repair offer a few tips and advice on the care and maintenance of your wooden garage door.

Garage Door Movement Wears Out Parts – The movement on the garage door actually creates wear and tear. Whether it’s automatic or manual, sliding doors or lifting the doors, the constant activity on your wooden garage doors is additional abuse that stationery wood fences and siding aren’t be impacted by. Inspect for stress on the door, cracks, gaps and other signs of excessive wear and tear. If water seeps into the cracks and crevices, your wooden garage door is susceptible to further damage.
Type of Wood Garage Door FinishWeather-resistant finishes are ideal to protect wooden garage doors from the elements as well as add protection, durability and longevity. There are two basic categories when selecting your finish; film finishes or penetrating finishes. Film finishes such as; varnish and paint are more susceptible to the added stress caused by movement, causing it to crack and flake. Penetrating finishes, which are the penetrating oil and stain finishes are more flexible and are hardier. The wooden garage doors are easy to maintain due to the smaller sectioning compared to other areas of the house.
Cleaning Garage Door – Before the garage door can be treated with your choice of finish, it needs to be properly cleaned. It is important that there is absence of wind-blown dust and dirt particles before diving into the process. If debris gets introduced into the finish, the final results look sloppy and unsmooth. Thorough preparations are essential to get premium results. Using either a scraping tool or sander, remove any old finishes. If you notice any mold or mildew, even if it minimal be sure to meticulously remove it using the appropriate cleaners. Before any applications, the wood door must be dried well. Power washing the garage door is always an option, but if you are not familiar with the equipment, it highly recommended you seek a professional, as you can cause more damage to the surface with pressure washing treatments. Depending on the climate, the wood itself might take days to dry, don’t jump the gun and apply your finish before it all the way dry.

Garage Door Emergency Repairs & Preventive Maintenance in the Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Remember with garage doors, you have to treat front and back, along with all four sides, as the garage door can be seen from nearly any angle, and also needs the fortified protection. Keep in mind that wood; even wood used in garage doors are a hydroscopic material, which means it changes and adapts to the humidity in the environment. With the constant expansion and contraction, the finishes can meet an early demise. When selecting your preferred finish, be sure it is designed and formulated for exterior use and features a protection against weather conditions. While Quality Garage Door Repair doesn’t offer staining of garage doors, we do offer other maintenance services such as inspections and tune ups. Contact us today for your emergency repair and service!

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