Fixes for Garage Door Stuck Halfway when Going Up or Closing & More in Las Vegas, NV?

Most people have a routine that they use when going about their regular day. You get up and ready for the day and leave at the same time each day to get to work. You probably make the same stops every day to get your coffee or to stop for gas. We all depend on these things to run smoothly to ensure that we stay on track with our day. This includes getting in and out of the house and the garage with ease. When you start to have a problem with your garage you want to try and find ways to correct them so that you can keep on moving forward. Be sure that you call out a professional if you are concerned that you have an issue you will not be able to repair on your own. The garage door being stuck in the closed position is a problem that has plagued just about everyone at some point. There are several reasons that this could occur.

United Garage Door Service of North Las Vegas Outlines What Could Cause Your Garage Door to Get Stuck

Garage Door Sticks in Cold Weather: If you live in an area that has nights that get below freezing your garage door could be effected. And if you live in an area that has snow you are sure to come across this specific problem at some point. Even in a place like Las Vegas, we experienced a day of snow earlier this year! If you go to open the garage door and it will not you want to first determine if there is ice that has formed at the base of the garage door. This will hold the door in place and not allow it to come open when you push your remote. If this is the reason you are in luck because it has an easy fix. You can of course wait for the sun to come out and loosen up the ice or you can use warm water around the base of the garage door to release it. The door can then come loose and you can get your car in or out.
Garage Door Opener Battery Keeps Dying: You might have left for work and used your remote clicker to close the garage door when you leave. Then when you come home the door will not come open when you hit the button. It may not seem likely but the batteries in the remote could be dead. This is also an easy fix so you want to open the remote and replace the battery. You can then try the remote again and if the door opens the problem has been solved.
Manually Open Garage Door: If you have already replaced the batteries and there is no ice to be found you need to move onto the next option. You want to see if the door can be opened manually. You can release the emergency handle or cord to stop the door from being attached to the motor. Then you can go over to the door and lift it manually. If you are still having trouble there could be a problem with the tracks or the rollers that are causing it to become stuck in place. This is a repair that is best left to a professional.

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