Securing Garage Door from Break Ins & Burglary in North Las Vegas, NV

Home security is an ever growing need. All homeowners should be walking through the all the necessary steps in securing their home. There are major weak points in all homes such as windows and doors. Most homeowners will put hefty locking mechanisms on the doors and windows, and install security alarms. However there is still a big gap in your home’s security and it is your garage door. Burglars are using garage doors to break into home more and more these days. Quality Garage Door Repair wants to share a few tips about how you can better secure your garage door from home invasions.

Rolling Code Garage Door Openers

The age of your garage door will factor in your garage door’s security. First generation or older automatic garage door openers, all use the same frequency code to activate the garage door opener. Once this discovery became well known, burglars collected different remotes and simply drove up and down neighborhoods until one of them activated a garage door. Not good! In the second generation of garage door openers, manufacturers got just a little bit smart and created them with the ability to use a personal code set by the homeowner. However, homeowners didn’t get smart. Most homeowners never changed the default setting which led to the same problem as the first regeneration of garage door openers. Again, not good! The latest and newest garage door openers use a rolling-code technology, which means each time the remote to your garage door is activated; a new code is presented for the next activation. This means it is impossible to use another remote to gain access. For those that have newer homes or have recently replaced your garage door, you are on your way to better home security.

How to Make a Garage Door More Secure

However, for those who are lucky enough to have modern garage door openers this doesn’t mean your home is fool proof. Here are a few added tips or suggestions to help make your garage more secure.
1. Never leave your garage remote inside your car. Someone can break into your vehicle and steal the remote. You may want to use a keychain remote opener that stays on your keys. It is also time to get away from sun visor clip-on remotes.
2. There are several methods you can choose to better secure the emergency release found on every garage door. Find the method you prefer. You will be surprised to learn how burglars will use the emergency release lever to get inside your home.
3. Consider that the door leading from your garage into your home has the same weakness as your front door. However you secure your front door, use the same method on your garage entry door as well. You may want to even install a peephole for visual surveillance and make sure you have anti-kicking devices on the doors, as well as deadbolt etc.
4. If your garage door has windows you may want to tint or frost them. Burglars like to see as much as they can so as to give them a better idea of how to break into your home.

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Your garage door is as much a weakness as your home’s windows and entry points. Make sure you take the time to secure your garage area as well. Quality Garage Door Repair hoped we were able to share some advice in securing your garage from burglars and home invaders. For all of your garage door installation, inspections, or repair needs, contact Quality Garage Door Repair.

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